"If you start your day in a good pair of shoes, you’ve already begun one step ahead.”


Origin of George Lyon Shoes

George Lyon Shoes solves two big problems in the shoe industry. First, to put it bluntly, shoes don’t last as long as they used to. Many shoes today are mass produced, rolling off an assembly line and being held together by glue. Not here. George Lyon Shoes are a modern throwback to an era when shoes were made to last.

Each pair of George Lyon Shoes is handcrafted by artisans who have been crafting shoes for generations, using the Goodyear welt method of construction (or the Norwegian welt in the case of the Benjamin Boot), which means they will be more durable, more water resistant, and more comfortable.

Another significant benefit of the Goodyear/Norwegian welt construction is that the soles can be repaired and replaced easily, meaning you can literally enjoy your George Lyon Shoes for generations. In fact, if your soles ever need to be replaced, you can contact us, and we can set that up for you.

The second problem in the shoe industry is the seemingly never ending search for a matching belt. George Lyon Shoes provides a perfectly matching belt with each pair of shoes, on us. The belt is handcrafted in the same factory, with the same leathers, and the same dyes as the shoes. No more wasting your time searching for the right belt.

Who is George Lyon?

George Lyon is a combination of my third-great grandparents’ names, and I believe George Lyon is also representative of the indomitable spirit in all of us. GEORGE Speirs and his wife Janet LYON, were Scottish immigrants to America in the 1850’s.

Together they walked, pulling a handcart with all their belongings, from New York City to the Rocky Mountains to establish a life together and build a successful general store. George had a particular interest in quality shoes since he grew up poor and did not own a pair of his own until he was 12.

His brave Scottish spirit -- and a quality pair of shoes no doubt -- helped him cross an ocean by boat and a continent by foot, to establish a new life in America. We like to think there’s a little of that spirit in each pair of George Lyon Shoes. We live by the motto found on George’s family crest… ADVANCE.  - Josh Speirs, Founder