Goodyear Welted


The Gold Standard of Shoe Construction

Each pair of George Lyon Shoes is handcrafted in Spain by artisans who have been using the Goodyear welt method of construction for over a century. The Goodyear welt method of construction involves attaching the shoe’s upper to the insole using an extra strip of leather called a welt, and the welt then attaches the upper, insole, and outsole together using an extra stitch that ensures the highest quality and durability. Here’s some of the benefits of a Goodyear welted shoe from George Lyon Shoes:

Quality. Unlike the less expensive methods of construction -- cemented soles and blake stitched soles -- Goodyear welted soles can easily be repaired or replaced when they get worn out, meaning your George Lyon Shoes can literally last generations.

Waterproof. A Goodyear welt creates a water tight barrier, unlike other methods of construction that can allow water to seep into the insole.

Comfort. Adding the welt creates an extra space between the insole and outsole, in which we place a flexible, shock absorbing cork filling. This cork filling adds a layer of comfort so your Lyons will form to your foot as you break them in, rather than your foot having to adjust to your shoes.

Only a small number of factories in the world can craft Goodyear welted shoes, and we are proud to say we are among those companies.