Tips for Matching Your Shoes and Belt

Tips for Matching Your Shoes and Belt

Nothing can complete an outfit like a beautiful pair of leather shoes with a matching belt.  Even the effect of an expensive, tailored suit can be diminished with an off-putting, mismatching shoe and belt combination.  Is it necessary to perfectly match your belt 100% of the time? No. However, will a matching shoe and belt combo look better 100% of the time… yes.  Below we explore fourtips that will help you take your outfit to the next level, make you more confident, and help you look a little classier. 

When Should Your Shoes and Belt Match? 

In any formal or business situation, your shoes should match your belt.  A nice pair of leather shoes with a matching belt will show your client or colleagues that you are detail-oriented and care about presentation.  While it can be hard to find a matching belt for some shoes, an effort should always be made. George Lyon Shoes can help with this problem, since we offer a complimentary matching belt with each pair.  

If you are attending an informal event or occasion, it’s okay to loosen up a bit on the matching belt and shoes. Use the color scheme ideas we explore below and don’t be afraid to try greater contrasts of colors or materials once in a while.

Principles of Great Color Matching

Practicing the following principles and start practicing them right away to see what results you get. “Matching” is the word of the day. If your shoes and belt match, it looks like you meant to do it. It might even imply that you are purposeful in other areas of life!


The simplest, quickest route to matching your leather shoes to your belt is to purchase them from the same source.  Some companies will offer belts that compliment their shoes. George Lyon Shoes will send you a complimentary, perfectly matching belt with each pair you purchase.


While it is often difficult to find a close match, if you do not have a perfect match (like George Lyon Shoes provides), try to get as close as you can.  Black leather shoes are typically fairly easy to match, as black has fewer variations than other colors. Tan shoes can be a lot more difficult to find the right shade, as well as darker browns.   However, the closer the color match, the better and more complete your look will be. 


Leathers that are in the family of colors called “oxblood” are in their own class. If you have oxblood shoes, you should have an oxblood belt. Pairing oxblood shoes with brown or black will not be pleasing to the eye, and it may look like you got dressed in the dark.


If your shoes have more than one color or tone of leather on them, look for the dominant color tone, and match your belt to that tone.

Remember, these are general rules for most scenarios, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step out of your comfort zone and buy a patterned or textured belt when you are going a little more casual.  Play around and see what else works for you. Just be confident when you try out ideas and keep learning! 

Visit our George Lyon Shoes blog frequently for more advice. And, if you are in the market for a pair of shoes that come with a complimentary matching belt,  shop at George Lyon Shoes today! Experience how great you can look in luxury leather shoes that are made to last.

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