Best Shoe Care Products

Best Shoe Care Products

A quality pair of leather shoes can literally last for decades. You might even be able to pass them down to another member of your family!

Of course, proper care must be taken to ensure the longevity of your leather shoes. If not, they can wear out just like anything else if they’re neglected.

Good shoe care is much easier when you have all the products and tools in place at the beginning of the project. In doing so, you should gather the following seven shoe care products. Keep them together in your shoe closet where they’ll be easy to find and use, and add regular cleanings to your calendar.


Is shoe care all about cleaning and polishing? Actually, shoe trees are also very important: they help your shoes maintain their best shape while you’re not using them.

Cerdarshoe trees absorb damaging moisture from your shoes, improve its smell, and can fight off bacteria.


Saddle soap can prove useful in cleaning dirtier leathers and preparing the leather for polish. Not much is needed to be effective.


Leather shoes need occasional conditioning to keep the leather moist. If it gets too dry, it can crack. That’s why you should condition your leather shoes after every 15–25 wears (or more often during bad weather or in harsh climates).


Shoe polish nourishes the leather, protects your shoes from mild water damage, and of course, makes the leather look better—even shine. It can also remove scuffs and scratches. You will want to ensure you find a color of polish that matches your shoes.

In general, if you clean and polish your leather shoes about once a month, you’ll be keeping them in much better condition for the long term. Saphir makes an excellent line of shoe polishes that contain only natural ingredients.


If your shoe has a leather sole, we recommend using a sole protecting leather oil, such as Sole Guard, sold by Saphir. It will reinforce the leather fibers in the sole, slowing their wear and protecting them from dirt and most importantly, water.

A sole protector should be used about once per quarter, or as needed. After you clean the dirt off your leather sole, simply apply directly to the sole and let dry.

Protect Your Leather Shoes for a Lifetime

Instead of shopping separately for every item on this list, you can conveniently buy your leather shoe care products from a single, high-quality provider, like the award-winning Saphir company, regarded as one of the top shoe product manufacturers.

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